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How to Host a Fun Party

by Helen, The Modern 1930s Hostess

There are many important elements to throwing a wonderful party. One of the most important, without a doubt, is to keep things moving at a lively pace.

For instance, if I sense a lull in the conversation, I like to pull these charming and delightful intellectual games out of my "party bag" :

Guessing games. Everybody likes to solve mysteries. An element of mystery piques the curiosity. Confront a group of people with a Where, Why, or What, and each immediately wants to know the answer. Each wants to be the first to guess the answer. Guessing games arouse a pleasant spirit of competition, and will keep a party happy for hours. In general, these games require nothing more than a good imagination and a lively curiosity. There are few people that lack these. Turn the guests loose on any of the following games, and the party will be a happy one.


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