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Full list of guessing games

Blurbs and Slams

While the Victim is out of the room, the others decide on an object in the room. He returns, and asks each player, "Why is the object like me?" The reply must be a compliment or a slam. Within a stated time the Victim must guess the object. If the object were a chair, the answers might be: "It's strong and sturdy." "It's frequently sat on." "It's a dependable support." "It's stiff and rigid." Whoever gives the revealing answer is the next Victim.


Fill a bottle, bowl, jar, etc., with beans, grains of corn, or similar small objects. Within a given time the players must guess the number of objects in the container. The number of potatoes, apples, etc., in a large basket or a sack may also be guessed. The players may touch the container and study it from every angle.



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