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Coffee Pot

With the Victim out of the room, the other players select a verb (as walk, dance, sing, etc.) or a participle representing an activity (as walking, dancing, singing, etc.). The Victim returns and may ask questions of the players in rotation, using the word "coffeepot" to represent the verb or activity. If "walk" were selected, the questions and answers might go:

Q. Do you coffeepot?    A. Frequently.

Q. Do you  coffeepot alone?    A. Sometimes, usually not.

Q. Do you like coffeepotting?    A. Very much.

Q. Do you coffeepot at night?    A. Sometimes.

And so on, until the Victim guesses the verb or activity. The next Victim is the one who has given the answer which enabled the first Victim to guess the correct word.
There are two variations. One requires that the questions be answered only by "Yes," "No," or "I don't know." The other per­mits objects to be used, instead of verbs or activities.



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