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Give each player a sheet of paper and a pencil, and instruct him to draw a scaffold with a rope hanging from it. A category or classification  is chosen—names of river, birds, flowers, trees, etc. The Leader selects a word under the chosen category, writes it down without revealing it, folds the paper and places it in sight of the other players. The players have six chances to guess the word, by naming one letter at a time in rotation. Each player makes as many blanks on his paper as there are letters in the word.

If "trees" were the category, and the word walnut, the game might proceed in this fashion: First player, "Is there an A in the word?" (It is wiser to ask about the vowels first.) Leader, "Yes, it is the second letter." The players then write in the letter A in the proper place. Second player, "Is there an E in it?" Leader, "No. Draw your head on the rope." Each player then does so. If the third and fourth players ask about I and O, each player draws his body and one arm on the rope. Fifth player, "Is there a U in it?" Leader, "Yes, it is the fifth letter." And so on, until the word is guessed. For wrong guesses, each player adds to the head, his body, the two arms, and the two legs.

Before a letter is guessed, the player whose turn it is may ask one, and only one question, such as "Is it bamboo?" The game may be played by one player at a time, sending him out as the Victim. The others decide on a word, and die game proceeds as above, with the Victim asking all the questions, and striving not to be hanged.



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