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Hidden Proverbs

With the Victim out of the room, the players select a proverb. The Victim returns, and asks questions in rotation. The first answer must contain the first word of the proverb; the second, the second word; the third, the third word; etc. The Victim must discover the proverb within a stated time. If he fails he pays a forfeit. If the proverb were "Possession is nine points of the law," the questions might proceed:

Q. Is the proverb familiar to all of us?    A. I am sure you are in possession of its every word.
Q. Ann, have you rouge on your cheeks?    A. Is that a nice question?
Q. Have you ever been to France, Bob?   A. No, but I've tried nine times to get there.
Q. Are you going away this summer, Ruth?    A. Everything points to my having to stay at home.
Q. Were you home last night, Frank?   A. What made you think of that?
Q. Do you like bananas, Amy?    A. The very ripe ones, yes.
Q. Do you believe in kissing, Jim?    A. There ought to be a law against it.
Q. Have you a handkerchief, Carrie?    A. I have two in my possession.

And so on, until the Victim has discovered the proverb.



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