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Hot & Cold

A player leaves the room, while the others select something for him to do, such as offering Fanny Adams a cigarette, or standing on a chair and opening the center window from the top. The Victim is not permitted to ask questions. When he is anywhere in the room except the right place, the others say, "You're cold."

When he approaches Fanny or the center window, as the case may be, they say, "You're getting warm," "You're getting warmer," "You're getting hot." When he is close to the precise object, they say "You're hot." When he actually does it, they say, "You're sizzling—that's it!"

Hot Music.—This is a variation of the above. Instead of speaking, the players hum or sing a selected song—softly when the Victim is cold, louder and louder as he gets hot.

Tom Tom.—This is the most amusing version of the above game. The Victim is notified by the Leader's tapping on a metal bowl or a pot with a tin spoon. The taps are very soft when the Victim is cold, and become louder and louder and more insistent as he nears his goal.



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