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Proper Names

The players select a category or classification: Literature, Amusements, History, the Bible, etc. The Victim then goes out of the room, and the other players decide on some proper name that comes under the category. The Victim returns.

If Geography were the category, and "Liberia" the name chosen, the Victim might proceed this way: "Is it a city?" First player: "No, it isn't London." "Is it a river?" Second player: "No, it isn't the Loire." "Is it a state?" Third player: "No, it isn't Louisiana." Until finally, "Is it a country?" "Yes, it is Liberia."

The questions are asked in rotation, and each player must answer with a name beginning with L, or with whatever letter the chosen name begins. If he cannot, he pays a forfeit, or receives a black mark.

Should he challenge the Victim, and the latter cannot name a word beginning with L under the category, he receives the black mark; if he can, the player receives it. Before the Victim replies to the challenge, he asks the question of the next player, and so on. If any player answers correctly, the game proceeds.

If no one answers, and the Victim can name a correct word, all the others receive black marks. If the Victim cannot locate the word finally, he receives two black marks, or pays two forfeits.



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