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Pun Questionnaires

These are questionnaires to which all the answers are puns. Prepare a list of 20 or more for each guest. Within a set time they must fill in the answers. The one having the longest list wins.

Nut Questionnaire.—Each answer must contain the word "nut." This need not be told, provided the questionnaire is headed as above,
What nut is beside the sea? (beechnut).
A lighted nut (candlenut).
An uncooked bread nut? (doughnut).
A nut from the product of cows?  (butternut).
A girl's name?  (hazel-nut).
A fruit? (grape nut).
A box nut? (chestnut).
A vege­table? (peanut).
The staff of life? (breadnut).
A hot drink? (coconut).

Which Cat?—1. Mail order cat? (catalogue). 2. Saucy cat? (catsup) 3. Ancient cemetery cat? (catacomb). 4. Flying cat? (catbird). 5. A dire cat? (catastrophe). 6. Horned cat? (cattle). 7. Waterfall cat? (cataract). 8. A swimming cat? (catfish). 9. Many-tailed cat? (Cat-o'-nine-tails). 10. An aromatic cat? (catnip). And so on.
Done to a T.—1. An exact T? (formality). 2. An honest T? (sincerity). 3. A T of holding power? (capacity). 4. A changeable T? (variety). 5. A gregarious T? (society). 6. A religious T? (piety).I 7. Capable T? (ability). 8. A new T? (novelty). 9. Political T? (Party). 10. A maidenly T? (modesty). And so on.
Many Nations.—1. An angry nation? (indignation). 2. A beguiling nation? (fascination). 3. A dreamy nation? (imagination). 4. A rebellious nation? (insubordination). 5. A finishing nation? (termina­tion). 6. A gift nation? (donation). 7. A murderous nation? (assas­sination). 8. A quarrelsome nation? (recrimination). 9. A destructive nation? (ruination). 10. A ruthless nation? (extermination). And so on.
Pat Himself.—Prepare a pun questionnaire on words containing the syllable "pat," such as compatible, patent, patch, paternal, patrimony, pater noster, patter, pattern, etc.
Always Miss.—Use words containing the syllable "miss"—as misdeeds, mistakes, remiss, mission, amiss, missile, misconstrue, Mississippi, misdirect, misbegotten, etc.
The Dangerous Age.—Base the questionnaire on words containing the syllable "age," such as: cottage, dotage, carriage, marriage, luggage, average, mileage, acreage, courage, leverage, potage, etc.
Many-Sided.—This questionnaire is based on words containing the syllable "side," or a syllable pronounced similarly, as: coincide, countryside, broadside, patricide, sidereal, sidewalk, seidel, regicide, bedside, beside, etc.
Many other pun questionnaires can be devised, basing each upon a specific syllable.



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