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Riddle Questionnaires

Instead of being based upon puns, these questionnaires are riddles.
Your Body.—I. Part of the face? (eye—for I). 2. A tropical tree? (palm). 3. The fruit of maize? (ear). 4. A small animal? (hair—for hare). 5. Possesses knowledge? (nose—for knows). 6. To prepare for war? (arm). 7. What a carpenter uses? (nail). 8. A young animal? (calf). 9. Part of a shoe? (tongue). 10. What religions are concerned with? (sole—for soul). And so on.
Flower Riddles.—Make the questions either puns or riddles based upon the names of flowers, such as: buttercup, daisy, aster, marigold, lady's slipper, goldenrod, four o'clock, Sweet William, bleeding heart, forget-me-not, etc.
Questions can be devised using names of birds, animals, trees, and
many other categories.
Riddles.—Provide a questionnaire of riddles, such as: 1. What has eyes and can't see? (A potato). 2. What runs and doesn't walk, has a tongue and can't talk? (A wagon). 3. What has legs and can't walk? (A table). 4. What is both a fruit and a time? (A date). 5. What has pains and doesn't ache? (A window). 6. What is full of holes and still holds water? (A sponge). 7. What grows larger the more you take from it? (A hole). 8. What is black and white and red (read) all over? (A newspaper). 9. What has a face and never washes it? (A clock). 10. What tells you how you look without speaking? (A mirror). And so on.
City Questionnaire.—Use the names of cities as the basis for the questionnaire, such as: Newark (new ark), Hartford (hart—or heart—ford), Hollywood, Little Rock, Palm Beach, St. Paul, Cleveland, etc. Names of states, countries, rivers, etc., can be used in the same way.
Slate Abbreviations.—For this devise riddle or pun questions on the abbreviations of state names. The names of Indian tribes can also be used in this way.
Hidden Author.—Base the questionnaire on die names of authors. Such as:  1. A happy man?  (Gay). 2. A young grazing animal?
(Lamb). 3. A denial of ability? (Kant). 4. The name of a country? (France). 5. A stream? (Brooke). 6. An old-fashioned head cover­ing? (Hood). 7. A hard metal? (Steele). 8. What fire does? (Burns). 9. A maker of barrels? (Cooper). 10. An untamed thing? (Wilde). And so on.



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