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Full list of guessing games

Run and Draw

Divide the players into two teams, each with a captain. Each player writes something to be identified by drawing alone. These things should be difficult to draw: as the nebular hypothesis, a bachelor giving a baby a bottle, a seed growing, cornmeal mush. The slips are folded and put in a container, which is some distance from a table around which the two teams are grouped.

One captain withdraws a slip. He must rush to the table, and try to communicate what is on the slip by drawing alone. A stated time is allowed. He may make as many drawings as possible within the time. His teammates may make as many guesses as they choose, within the time limit.

If he can transmit the idea by drawing and not speaking, his team scores 1. When the time expires, the second captain tries, then one by one, alternately, the members of the team withdraw slips from the containers and run and draw according to the instructions.

The team scoring the most points wins.


Provide each player with a sheet of paper and a pencil. Let each write his five favorite likes, and his five predominant dislikes. The papers are collected, shuffled, and read one at a time. Each player tries to guess the writer, as each list is read. The correct guesser scores 1 each time. It is permissible to give one or two false likes or dislikes to throw off suspicion.



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