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Tea Kettle

This game is based upon words which have the same pronunciation, but different meanings, as:
Break; brake (a type of fern); brake (part of a motor).
Sew; so: sow.
Leak, leek.
Bear (the animal); bear (to support); bare.
Bored;  board   (a plank);  board  (to get on a boat);  board (food).
Rent (to hire); rent (to tear).
With the Victim out of the room, the others choose a group of two or more such words and incorporate them in a sentence. When the Victim returns, the Leader repeats the sentence, using the word tea kettle instead of the chosen words.

Thus, instead of saying "If I went to board with Mrs. Smith, I would be dreadfully bored by her guests, and could never stand that ugly board floor in the dining room," the Leader would say, "If I went to tea kettle with Mrs. Smith, I would be dreadfully tea kettle by her guests, and could never stand that ugly tea kettle floor in the dining room." The Victim is given about two minutes in which to guess the words, and score 1, or to fail. Then another Victim is chosen.

The players may be divided into two teams. One team then goes out, while the other selects. The one who guesses correctly wins for his team; then the other team goes out.

Or all the players may speak to the Victim, using the word tea-kettle instead of the chosen words.

Or the Victim may select the words and come in and pronounce the tea kettle sentence. The player who guesses the words first is the next Victim.



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