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Full list of guessing games

Twenty Questions

One player writes down the name of an object anywhere in the world. The slip is folded and placed in sight of all. The others in rotation ask twenty questions, and must guess the object by the time the twentieth question has been answered. Questions must "be answered "Yes," "No," or "I don't know." The player naming the object selects the one to be questioned next.

A typical game, with the Empire State Building as the object might proceed:
Q. Is it in existence now?     A. Yes.
Q. Does it belong to the animal kingdom?    A. No.
Q. Is it used by any members of the animal kingdom?    A. Yes
Q. Is it used by men?    A. Yes.
Q. Is it something to eat? A. No.
Q. Is it something to wear?    A. No.
Q. Is it a means of locomotion?   A. No.
Q. Is it a public building?    A. Yes.
Q. Is it in America?    A. Yes.
Q. Is it in an Eastern city?   A. Yes.
Q. Is it an office building?   A. Yes.
Q. Is it a famous building?    A. Yes.
Q. Is it in New York?    A. Yes.
Q. Is it the Empire State Building?    A. Yes.

Camps.—This is a variation of the above game. The players are divided into two camps, one at one end of the room, the other at the opposite end. One player from each camp goes out. This pair decides upon an object. They return and each joins the opposite camp. Each camp asks questions, as above, of the individual enemy in its midst. The camp first guessing the object wins, and keeps the first enemy ' and chooses another from the opposite camp, who must then join the winning camp. Two more players go out, and the game proceeds as above, until all the players are in one camp, or until one camp surrenders.

Vegetable, Animal or Mineral?—This is the old form of the above game. "Is it Vegetable, Animal or Mineral?" is the first question asked. The chosen object must belong to one of these kingdoms. Then twenty or thirty questions are asked. After the first answer, all answers must be "Yes," "No," or "I don't know." Proceed as above.



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