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Full list of guessing games

Who Am I?

One player leaves the room. The others select a character he is to represent. The character may be real or imaginary, past, present, or future. He returns, and asks of each player: "Who am I?" He is permitted no other question, but he is allowed three guesses, such as: "Am I Mark Twain?" "Am I Shirley Temple?" "Am I George Washington?" He is permitted ten minutes in which to guess his identity. Then, another player is made the Victim. All the answers must be truthful, but should be as misleading as possible. For instance, if George Washington were the character chosen, the answers might be something like this: "You were a great cut-up"; "You surveyed the field admirably"; "You believed in being first"; etc.

Where Am I?

A player leaves the room; and the others decide where he is, and what he is supposed to be doing. Returning, he may ask any question that must be answered by "Yes" or "No." He must guess the answer within six to ten minutes by a process of elimination. The other players may only answer "Yes" or "No." If the thing hidden were, "You are hanging from the chandelier playing a saxophone," the questions and answers might go:
Q. Am I at this party? A. Yes.
Q. Am I in this room? A. Yes.
Q. Am I sitting down? A. No.
Q. Am I standing up?  A. No.
Q. Am I flying? A. No.
Q. Am I hanging from something? A. Yes.

And so on, until the activity is discovered. When the time is up, whether or not the Victim has guessed what he is supposed to be doing, another Victim is chosen, and the game continues. It is not wise to make the hidden activity too difficult.



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