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Liberty Magazine - Remembering the "Second Greatest Magazine in America"

Right Ho, Jeeves - Jeeves has some outrageous ideas about how Gussie Fink-Nottle can capture the affections of Miss Madeline Bassett: scarlet tights and a false beard. What follows is a delightful romp through the banquet halls and boudoirs of English high society by "the funniest writer ever to put words on paper" (-- Hugh Laurie). "P. G. Wodehouse at his shining best." (--John Mortimer)

Zorro Hunts A Jackal - Short story from a recently purchased pulp magazine "Argosy", dated April 22, 1933 Zorro is one of my favorite characters of all-time. I grew up with Disney's version and only recently discovered that Johnston McCulley's original stories are pretty darn cool.

The Roadhead Chronicles - Colorado author, and self-confessed "roadhead", Mike Marino, has delivered a one-two punch of a book that goes under the V-8 hood of the American car culture. Written in a style that has been described as by readers from New York City to San Francisco to London, England and The Motor City itself as "automotively sexy", "wickedly wonderful" and "delightfully weird", Mike wields a verbal machete as he cuts a path through the literary car culture landscape to the flashpoint where pop culture and chrome, meet asphalt and art in a head on collision. The books style is fast paced and colorful, and examines the car culture of America with a sense of humor and history.

Romance Novels - Swashbuckling sailors, dashing dukes, nurses, and stewardesses caught in webs of love, passion, betrayal, and intrigue.

Art Linkletter's Kid's Say the Darndest Things - With this collection of funny and oddly wise sayings of small boys and girls, Art Linkletter makes a priceless contribution to the anecdotal literature of childhood.


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