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The Roadhead Chronicles

By Mike Marino

Sample Chapter: Where Cool Was Born

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The only thing more confusing than our pubescent drives and urges, was the fact that we worshipped and idolized those that were even more confused than we were, by their own times, their own legends. James Dean, rocketed out of the midwest cornfields of Fairmont, Indiana, where cool was born, in a '49 Merc destined to imbed himself forever in the American psyche. Yeah, he was our rebel without a cause, until he Porche'd out without a reason on one of many lonely stretches of California asphalt. Rebellion was resplendently personified in the Magnificent Marlon, as Brando bravado filled the screen with dirty jeans and a black leather attitude. "The Wild One" himself, being asked, "Watcha rebellin' against, Johnny?" (Insert Brando sneer) as he leans against the jukebox and answers, "Whatcha got?"

The Silver Screen lit up like Alamagordo, New Mexico, at point zero and from it emerged the king lizard of atomic cheese. Godzilla!! Atomized and amphibious, the G'ster roamed and crushed the great cities of the world, and the screams of the populous could be heard in 14 different languages and 30 plus sequels. Nothing could not stop the cheesy effects and bad lip synching. Godzilla met King Kong, Rodan the Flying Monster, and even Mothra, him, her or itself. Holy mother of Godzilla, there was "Son of Godzilla", "Mecha-Godzilla", and even, "Yadda, Yadda, Yadda-Zilla". Godzilla, though, was not alone as ruler of the night time big scream screen. The Black Lagoon held it's own creatures and secrets of unfathomable terrors, and Pedras Blancas had it's own share of atomic agony.

Invaders from Mars mated and dated George Romero zombies, making it a threesome mutant monster menage-a-troix with Ed Wood backyard creations, and if your name was Barbara, you knew at some point "they were coming for you". The movie mutations were not just figments of an atomic future to come. Politburo politics also had a subliminal message as the Body Snatchers invaded small town America and the only thing between the Russki Redstar hordes, Soviet slavery, freeworld servitude to the Slav, and the loss of truth, justice and the American way of life, was Kevin McCarthy.


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