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Elvis with Debra Paget

Do you have what it takes to be — AN ELVIS GIRL? 

At 31 years-old, Elvis Presley is still looking for a mate. Could you be the one?!

August 1966 - When asked what kind of girl he likes, Elvis once quipped "Female mostly!"

In a way, that's the truth, because Elvis' girls have run the gamut—short, tall, thin, plump, blonde, brunette, and redhead. He's dated glamorous, famous stars and lovely, wholesome home-town girls.

But there are certain definite qualities Elvis looks for in a girl—and he looks far deeper than face or figure.

Perhaps the key to what he desires in females can be found in his own personality. Elvis himself neither smokes nor drinks. He is very religious and, as everyone knows, he doesn't stand on formality.

The girl that catches Elvis will have to be as family-minded as he is. If an actress, she must be feminine in spite of her career. A sense of humor is a necessity for this one-man girl, who will have to let him be the boss.

So, here's a special scorecard on which you can rate yourself. Be truthful. See if you have what it takes to be an Elvis girl!

If you scored 65 or over: you've made it!; 54-65: he'd find you appealing; 42-53: good, but room for improvement; below 53: work on problem areas.


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