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Origin of the Green Hornet - The origins and myths that have circulated over the years about The Green Hornet’s family relations to The Lone Ranger. page 2 , page 3

Twilight Zone's "To Serve Man" - Martin Grams Jr. gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the making of a memorable episode that leaves a spooky aftertaste. page 2 , page 3

U2 's Ticket to the Big Stage - (March 1979) - It started with a telephone call -- to be more accurate, a barrage... -- from U2's bassist Adam Clayton, part of a prolonged campaign that eventually dragged me out of house and home across the river to meet with members of the band.

Battlestar Galactica - A Sci-Fi Star is Born - (September 1978) - Galactica is one up in the race for ratings because it boasts special-effects genius John Dykstra, the man responsible for the eye-popping effects in Star Wars.

Confessions of a Bogeyman - (September 1941) - Written by Boris Karloff. A monster tells all — secret: he's really a very mild man.

Young-People's Choice Awards 1986 - (January 1987) - Last year (1986) in American Cinema there were plenty of highs and lows—from Top Gun to Shanghai Surprise.

Lugosi Discusses Dracula - (March 1931) - Bela promotes Universal's new movie "Dracula" and explains his intense interest in the role of the horrific Count.

Phil Silvers as Sgt. Bilko - (September 1955) - Phil Silvers stars in the debut of "You'll Never Get Rich", CBS' new situation comedy about a conniving Army sergeant with a heart of goldbrick.

Sally Field's Dating Advice - (August 1966) - Dating advice from Sally Field, TV's beachcombing teenager Gidget. She knows how to attract boys by being friendly, with a sense of humor, and just being herself.

Marvel Superhero Movies - (Spring 1989) - Scoop - Everyone's favorite green behemoth, the Incredible Hulk, returns with a series of two-hour movies on NBC. And coming soon to theaters near you, Marvel will be presenting Captain America and the Punisher in their own movies!

Are You an Elvis Girl? - (August 1966) - Scoop - Elvis Presley is still looking for that female mate. Do you have what it takes? Could you be the one? View the scorecard and take the test.

The Tingler, a William Castle gimmick film - starring Vincent Price --- some frightening moments on the screen, and off the screen as theatergoers found out!

Rising Star, Jerry Seinfeld - (September 1987) - SCOOP - More eyes are centering on this young comedian, who started his comedy career in the late 70s at open-mike auditions in small Manhattan nightclubs.

Batmobile - (January 12, 1966) - Okay, a lot has already been written about the premiere of Batman tonight on ABC, but what about their ultra cool car!? What is the story behind this futuristic, sleek, mod set of wheels? Well, here's the scoop!

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A pleasant evening of entertainment at home in the 1930s

A pleasant evening of entertainment at home in the 1970s

Vintage ad: (remember trying to guess which was the bad tube?)


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