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Catch That Guy—(and keep him...)

Sally Field shows you how!

August 1966 - "Let's face it, if you like a boy then flirting is sometimes the way to get him to notice you."

So says Sally Field, and she should know! After one season before the public, as Gidget on ABC's TV series of the same name, she's won the hearts of millions—including dozens of good-looking popular guys.

How does she do it?

Well, for one thing, petite Sally always acts natural. For another, she acts her age. As one admirer says, "She's honest. She also has a spontaneous sense of humor that cracks me up."

Besides, Sally loves to be with men. She admits it readily.

Test Your Date Rating With Sally Field

Answer the following questions, and then read Sally's answers below.

1.) At a party, do you cling to your date, never leaving his side?

2.) A boy brings you a corsage and no other girls are wearing them. Do you wear it, or accidently step on it?

3.) A cute guy asks you to a dance but he's shorter than you. Do you go?

4.) Your boyfriend is paying a lot of attention to another girl. Do you ignore it, or tell him off?

5.) He's driving too fast and your scared stiff. Do you keep quiet or ask him to slow down?

6.) You get your wires crossed and two guys show up to take you out. Do you cry, or suggest a threesome?

7.) After a date, do you tell your best friend every detail?

8.) That new boy in town doesn't know you exist. Do you sit on his doorstep or drop a book?

9.) Your date's especially short on cash this weekend. Do you offer to go dutch or break the date?

10.) You look two years younger than you are—hardly sophisticated! Do you wear heavy makeup or act your age?

1.) Sometimes I cling to my date-it depends on the party. If it's a new group and I don't know anyone, I seem to stay around him more. Otherwise, I take off and talk to the people I know.

2.) I hold it. Then, as times goes by, he won't notice when it's gone.

3.) Yes, but he'd have to be a midget to be shorter than me.

4.) I would pay a lot of attention to somebody else. Of course, it depends if I know a lot of people where we are.

5.) I'd ask him to slow down. If he didn't, I'd scream at him. Then he'd have to slow down.

6.) I'd cry with joy because both fellows showed up. It isn't often one fellow shows up, let alone two.

7.) No, never. If she keeps inquiring, I'd just be very brief.

8.) The only way I would know how to get the boy's attention is just by being friendly. I don't know of any other way.

9.) I'd offer to go dutch. I see nothing wrong in it if I enjoy the boy's company.

10.) That's been my problem all my life, but I'd just act my age. It doesn't pay to do anything else.

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