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Bob Hope Show

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(October 3rd 1960)

Bob Hope Show — 8:30 p.m. ch 5 — Bob is brimming over with quips about the United Nations and Nixon / Kennedy jokes, and he’s in good form tonight. He does an oriental bit with Bobby Darin and Patti Page, and introduces Deb Stars of 1960 with Joan Crawford. Also Bobby Darin pushes thru “Artificial Flowers” and “Up the Lazy River,” while Patti Page tries her hand at “ I Wish I’d Never Been Born.”

Surfside 6 - 8:30 p.m. —(Premiere) —Country Gentleman.” They’ve cast a lot of good-looking young men and pretty gals in this Miami Beach private eye series, so the dramatic content won’t be too important. Three bachelors (Troy Donahue, Lee Patterson, and Van Williams) live on a houseboat and mingle with two luscious regulars (Diane McBain & Margarita Sierra) while playing detective. Opener is a nicely done drama with Ray Danton featured as an ex-con suspected of everything in sight, and Patterson easily holding up his end as the detective.

Danny Thomas 9 p.m. – ch 2 (Season’s Premiere) Danny’s fourth season begins with wife Kathy in a cranky mood, and Daughter Linda bent on helping a tired postman. The end result is a number of Iively scenes, with one in particular that’ll keep you awake.

Andy Griffith Program – 9:30 p.m. – ch 2 [Premiere] This is a folksy series with shambling, good-hearted Andy Griffith playing a sheriff, and Don Knotts from the Steve Allen Show cast as his deputy. Tonight’s entry concerns the sheriff’s son, who wants to get rid of his Auntie Bee since she’s come to stay with the family.

Peter Gunn – 10:30 p.m. – ch 7 [Season’s Premiere] “The Passenger” Nothing has changed for Pete except the network. He still has to break the clinch with Edie to go out and help a client, and his banter with Lt. Jacoby continues to be first rate.

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