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Production Notes of the Twilight Zone episode "To Serve Man"

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Production #4807 “TO SERVE MAN” (Initial telecast: March 2, 1962)
Copyright Registration: © Cayuga Productions, Inc., February 27, 1962, LP21889 (in notice: 1961)
Dates of Rehearsal: June 9 and 12, 1961
Dates of Filming: June 13, 14, 15 and 17, 1961
Script #66 dated: April 26, 1961, with revised pages dated June 12, 1961
Producer and Secretary: $1,625.00
Story and Secretary: $3,805.00
Director: $1,588.33
Cast: $7,774.27
Unit Manager and Secretary: $600.00
Production Fee: $900.00
Agents Commission: $2,500.00
Legal and Accounting: $250.00
Below the line charges (M-G-M): $41,105.47
Below the line charges (other): $971.52
Total Production Costs: $61,119.59 *

Cast: Hardie Albright (the Secretary General); David Armstrong (guest at U.N. #1); Gene Benton (reporter #2); Lloyd Bochner (Mike Chambers); Bill Burnside (TV Cameraman #1); John Burnside (TV Cameraman #2); Susan Cummings (Pat “Penny” Brody); Jeanne Evans (woman #2); J.H. Fujiyama (Japanese delegate); Jean Heremans (Dignitary #3); Richard Kiel (the Kanamits); Theodore Marcuse (Citizen Gregori); Adrienne Marden (woman #1); Bob McCord (Interpreter #1); Nelson Olmsted (the scientist); Ted O’Shea (Dignitary #1); Fred Rappaport (Dignitary #5); Bartlett Robinson (the baldish Colonel); Joseph Ruskin (the voice of the Kanamit); Lomax Study (M. Leveque, French delegate); Robert Tafur (Seńor Valdes, Argentine delegate); Charles Tannen (man #1); Jim Turley (TV Cameraman #3); James L. Wellman (man #2); Will J. Wilke (reporter #1); Jack Williams (Dignitary #2); and Carlton Young (Colonel #2).

Un-credited Cast as Earthlings Boarding the Spaceship: Joan Austin, Joyce Baker, Mary Ellen Batten, Keith Britton, Ellen Brown, B. Cates, Joe Hicks, Lee Montgomery, Bob Peterson, Beau Ramstead, Jack Ramstead, Ester Silvery, Joan Weinstein, Jack Williams, and Sally Yarnell.

Stock Music Cues: Etrange #3 (by Marius Constant, :09); Milieu #1 (by Constant, :16); Counter Attack Part 1 (by Jerry Goldsmith, :42); Return to the Past (by Goldsmith, :47); The Assassination (by Goldsmith, :02); Return to the Past (by Goldsmith, :15); Counter Attack Part 2 (by Goldsmith, :26 and :36); Table Talk (by Goldsmith, :09); The Assasination (by Goldsmith, :02); Counter Attack Part 2 (by Goldsmith, :14); The Prediction (by Goldsmith, :21); Counter Attack Part 2 (by Goldsmith, 1:56); Serling III (by Robert Drasnin, :04); Etrange #3 (by Constant, :08); and Milieu #2 (by Constant, :19).

Director of Photography: George T. Clemens, a.s.c.
Production Manager: Ralph W. Nelson
Set Decorations: H. Web Arrowsmith
Art Directors: George W. Davis and Phil Barber
Assistant Director: E. Darrell Hallenbeck
Casting: Stalmaster-Lister
Story Consultant: Richard McDonagh
Film Editor: Jason H. Bernie, a.c.e.
Sound: Franklin Milton and Bill Edmondson
Automobiles Supplied by the Ford Motor Company.
Directed by Richard L. Bare
Teleplay by Rod Serling, based on the short story of the same name by Damon Knight, originally published in the November 1950 issue of Galaxy Science Fiction.

This episode excerpt is reprinted (with permission) from THE TWILIGHT ZONE: UNLOCKING THE DOOR TO A TELEVISION CLASSIC (OTR Publishing, 2008) by Martin Grams Jr. This 800 page book can be purchased from Amazon.com

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