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wool Argyles with Short Slacks
Most Princetonians prefer white ankle-length socks with Short Slacks, but some stick to the ever-useful wool Argyles, (as shown above) The new style is especially popular for watching sports events.

That Varsity Look — on College Campuses

Princeton men make campus fashion news again with an idea that's sure to spread

By LEONARD A. ROTHGERBER, JR.— VARSITY's roving fashion scout

June 1950 — THE annual May house parties are considered among the top social events of the school year at Princeton. We visited them last year (1949) and came away with a story and a prediction.

We give you the story on this page, and here's the prediction:

It won't be long before shorts are accepted on the majority of college campuses for warm weather wear just as slacks are during the colder months. The articles we're referring to are generally called "walking shorts," but we think a better name would be Short Slacks—because that's exactly what they are. Tailored with waistband and belt loops, worn with colorful belts, they could well be regulation slacks cut off just above the knee.

Far from having a swim-trunk look, they incorporate legs of moderate width, and inseams at least 9 to 10 inches in length. As our candid Speed Graphic shows, Princeton men are wearing them for on campus as well as off campus affairs. They combine them with jacket, collar-attached shirt and tie for certain occasions and. without coat, with sportshirt for others.

Short Slacks arrived at picnics and cocktail sessions, sat at theatricals and concerts, and even looked right at informal parties. They make sense, in season of course, at just about any school. Are you going to set the pace on your campus?

Both cool and Short Slacks here are of corded fabric, though not exactly matching. The coat, of course, is an old, firmly established hot-weather favorite on most campuses. Now you can buy SS at most men's shops.
This student combines the ever-present Navy Blue blaser and regulation collar-attached shirt and bow tie with his Short Slacks to make a correct ensemble for informal party-going.
The majority of Princetonians like their Short Slacks cut not too wide, and wear them about knee length. These, left are made of cotton twill in natural tan shade, one of top choices.
The wide waistband attached by two narrow self straps and buckles indicates that these are copies of the well-known British Colonial shorts worn for many years in various Empire outposts.
Grey flannel in the same very dark shade favored in regulation slacks Is also a popular choice in the new Short Slacks. The student shown above "dresses them up" for dating by combining them with cotton cord coat, button-down collar Oxford shirt and narrow striped knit tie
The tam is strictly for laughs, but these Short Slacks show the military influence in their wide waistband and belt loops. The girl is one of 1300 from 46 states who attended parties and visited famous Prospect St. eating clubs.

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