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Art Linkletter - Kids Say the Darndest Things

Art Linkletter's "Kid's Say the Darndest Things" 

(1957) - Text from the book jacket: Art Linkletter has always been on the move-each time to a notch above the previous perch. Today, he stands at the very top of his own special heap as one of the highest paid, and best loved, ad lib artists and tele­vision masters of ceremonies in the nation.

Born in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada, Art Linkletter lived in Lowell, Massachusetts and Southern California before the age of five, roosting at last in San Diego. Between high school and college, Art was on the move again, storing up in his restless, eager mind the varied sights and experiences that were to help spark one of the quickest wits in the entertainment world.

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Back at San Diego State College, he became interested in radio and rose rapidly from announcer on the local station to program manager, and finally to free lance radio announcer (he has broadcast in everything from a submerged submarine to a chair hauled up and down the side of a skyscraper) and master of ceremonies.

Art moved to Hollywood in 1942 and soon began his remarkably popular "House Party" show. His spontaneous wit and humor, as he interviews children on his program ("let's visit the kids") have entertained millions on CBS Television and Radio-and provided the basis for this book.

Art's other activities, including of course his famous NBC "People Are Funny" show, would require a book in itself. World travel is his hobby, and that of his charming wife, Lois. The experience gained in coping with his own five children has served Art in good stead in trading epigrams and non sequiturs with his "House Party" moppets.

One measure of Art's achievement can be drawn from this tribute by Walt Disney, taken from his introduction to this volume:

"With this collection of funny and oddly wise sayings of small boys and girls, Art Linkletter makes a priceless contribution to the anecdotal literature of childhood.

"I know of no one else who could have done it so delightfully and with such insight into bright young minds and guileless young hearts. Art himself retains the lively spirit and zest of youth which have made a legion of kids confide in him and regard him as a special friend."

And no one, after spending the rewarding hours with Art and his kids that this book provides, can fail to believe that he, too, has begun to regard Art Linkletter as a very special friend indeed.

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