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ATARI Memories

(Excerpts from Atari Museum) - During the 70's and up to the mid 80's, Atari was the recognized leader in all area's of video games. Starting out and establishing the Video Arcade industry, Atari set the stage for the 10 billion dollar industry with the release of PONG.

In later years Atari would enter the home with Home Pong and would ignite a fever never before seen with the release of its VCS (Video Computer System) and the release of a home version of Space Invaders for the VCS.

Undeniably the world's most poplar video game , the Atari 2600 Video Computer System has in one way or another been in just about everyone's life. From original owners back in the late 70's and 80's, to new owners just discovering their simple yet extremely addictive game play.


The Atari 2600 was technically superior to most of the other game systems when it was released such as the Bally Astrocade, Magnavox Odyssey and Fairchild Channel F and took a far lead in first place. Systems such as the Intellivision and Colecovision were graphically better systems, however the Atari 2600 won the hearts and minds of most video gamers and climbed to the top and stayed there for most of its existence.


In fact it was the Atari 2600's huge popularity that became its downfall with too many cartridges being produced and too many of them were lacking in game play and in graphics. This huge flood of games caused a cartridge "glut" and added to huge fallout in the industry which saw almost all small start ups disappear and brought company's like Mattel's Intellivision division, Coleco and any others to their knees and into dusty memories. Atari managed to remain but with a weak heart beat.

For a whole lot more information about these Atari games, cartridges, consoles, computers, (even old concept drawings!) visit the Atari Museum here.


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