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Don McNeill's Breakfast Club

The Roving Retro Reporter reports on the current scene:

1950 - SCOOP! Don McNeill has signed a contract with the American Broadcasting Company to continue the popular radio show 'The Breakfast Club' for another 20 years. Some of the details of this unprecedented contract are not well known.

It is the longest continuing radio agreement ever signed by any network with a radio personality. It means that Breakfast Clubbers will be able to start the day in 1960 and 1970 with the same toastmaster who created the show in 1933.

The three McNeill boys — Tom, Don Jr. and Bob — will begin to take, at Don’s discretion, a more active part in future broadcasts. Mrs. McNeill will continue to appear on holiday programs and other special occasions.

The new contract calls for Don to originate Breakfast Club programs from Chicago for nine months and from New York and ‘other cities for one month each year. He will be given an eight-week vacation annually. Financial terms are no different than they have been for the last five years.

Bob (Ace) Murphy, announcer on the Philco portion of the Breakfast Club, over night was drafted to fill in for the injured Don McNeill. Bob's naturalness and four years of Breakfast Club experience kept the show moving superbly. Before he finished the pinch-hitting job, Bob was literally snowed under by an avalanche of fan mail and good wishes.

Don McNeill returned to Breakfast Club, February 20, wearing a padded collar to ease the strain on the troublesome disc. The only bright note about this neck brace was the dashing way in which Kay McNeill disguised the collar each morning with one of her gay colored scarves. McNeill's own explanation of the mishap was characteristically corny. Said he, "It was a curvical in my servical. I was too frisky with my discy!"

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