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The Something For Nothing Dreamers - What was called the "Ham and Eggs" movement, which had supporters in California who wanted $30 a week for everybody more than fifty years of age, has been beaten.

Mahatma Gandhi on Hitler and the War - Who is to blame for Europe's conflict? A steadfast foe of British imperialism speaks from the heart.

The Origin of Wedding Videos? - Back in 1953 a forward-thinking California minister began recording the audio of each wedding service he performed.

Mamie Eisenhower's Girl Friday - 1953 - Meet the Secretary to America's First Lady. She's one secretary who needs a secretary!

Don McNeill Signs 20 Year Contract - SCOOP! Radio Personality Don McNeill signs a 20 year contract with the American Broadcasting Company -- the longest continuing radio agreement ever signed.

Movie Star's Income Taxes - SCOOP! In a village near Hollywood, the Chamber of Commerce has erected a huge sign which reads: "Don't wait for 'good times'-spend now and keep business alive !"

Retro Reporter - SCOOP! When Clark Gable appeared on television at the "Ike" Eisenhower rally at Madison Square Garden a few weeks ago, he really tore the place down.

The Sputnik Program - A series of unmanned space missions launched by the Soviet Union in the late 1950s to demonstrate the viability of artificial satellites.

1931 Chicago Herald:


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