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Stevie Winwood - Traffic

The English Music Scene in two minutes!

October 1967
- LONDON -TOM JONES on a diet of champagne, cigarettes and no potatoes…..NOEL REDDING of the JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE signs autographs on the back of English pound notes…..LULU doing good unpaid publicity work for MONKEE DAVY JONES here . . …. GORDON WALLER an exponent of knuckle fighting . …. PETER GOLDMANN, who shot that “Penny Lane” TV film, now much in demand by other groups like the HOLLIES, the TROGGS and MANFRED MANN. . . top selling T-shirt with soppy slogan amongst pop people — ‘BATMAN LOVES ROBIN’ which must go to prove something…..MICK JAGGER the actor should be an eye-opener for everyone.. …HERMAN does an interesting line in “groovy” talk which has everyone fooled....

SEEKER JUDITH DURHAM something of the odd girl out with the group... ENGELBERT HUMPERDINCK was threatened by thugs in Belgium when he pulled out of a concert …. . MICK JAGGER and MARIANNE FAITHFUL had new shoes made at a Chelsea cobblers…….STEVIE WINWOOD’s new group— “Traffic” — is set to make sound waves around the World this year — it can only be said once: STEVIE WINWOOD IS THE BIGGEST MUSICAL TALENT TO HIT THE POP MUSIC SCENE SINCE JOHN LENNON AND PAUL McCARTNEY.— watch out…. . Just a few people here thought PROCOL HARUM was an aspirin . . . BILLY FURY set to record a GORDON WALLER composition…..Flat-mates in Richmond — GARY LEEDS, MITCH MITCHELL and GRAHAM NASH... DENNY LAINE the ex-Moody Blue, a name to watch out for as a solo artist . . . JONATHAN KING purports to be Britain’s answer to Brigitte Bardot —pardon me if I prefer the original . . . MORE

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