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Old Radio Microphone

Old-Time Radio Quiz:

Remember the names of personalities and programs of the great golden age of radio?

(The answers are located near the bottom of the page.)


1.) Two-part question: What two regular cast-members of radio's Gunsmoke became regulars on a very popular TV show? Name the TV show, too.

2.) Local radio stations that regularly broadcast their city's baseball games must have alternative content/entertainment when games are rained out or are not scheduled. What famous duo owe their start to being this alternative entertainment, back in the golden age of radio? And what city?

3.) For awhile the Pepsodent Show Starring Bob Hope featured comedy spots with two men-chasing women. What were they known as (their first names). If you need help, here are their names scrambled: DEARBN & IBACON

4.) Quick, name the month and year of Willard Waterman's first appearance as the Great Gildersleeve.

5.) What's the longest chain of feature films starring the same character? Hint: the character also had a prominent radio program as well!

6.) On two different radio series, Raymond Burr and Jack Webb were regular cast members. Name the two series.


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[1.] Parley Baer played Chester on Gunsmoke and Mayor Stoner on the Andy Griffith Show. Howard McNear played Doc on Gunsmoke, and Floyd the barber on the Andy Griffith Show. [2.] Bob & Ray, in Boston. [3.] Brenda & Cobina [4.] September 1950 [5.] Hopalong Cassidy, 66 feature films. [6.] Pat Novak, For Hire & Dragnet

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