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The Old Time Radio Researchers Group

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Speaking of Radio - Book on Old Time Radio

Here's a great book for Old-Time Radio enthusiasts:

Speaking of Radio - 420 page softcover book -
Chuck Schaden's conversations with the Stars of the Golden Age of Radio. Foreword by Les Tremayne.
Recollections of the great radio days by the stars who made them great. In their own words, 46 radio personalities take you back to the good old days for a behind-the-scenes look at the way it was during the golden era of broadcasting. 420 pages, 46 interviews and photos, 6x9 soft cover book with index.

To Order this book visit: NOSTALGIADIGEST.COM

Broadcaster and historian, CHUCK SCHADEN, has produced and hosted the radio program "Those Were The Days" since 1970 and has been nationally recognized for his efforts. He was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 1993, the only radio fan to be so honored. Over the years many radio personalities have shared their memories with Mr. Schaden. Here is a list of those talented performers who appear in this book. (I think you'll recognize some of these names)

Don Ameche • Eve Arden • Bill Baldwin • Jack Benny • Edgar Bergen • Jim Boles • Ken Carpenter •  Norman Corwin • Dennis Day • Howard Duff • Ralph Edwards • Alice Faye • Virginia Gregg • Phil Harris •  Jim Jordan • Jay Jostyn • Howard Koch • Elliott Lewis • Phil Leslie • Art Linkletter • Barbara Luddy •  Mercedes McCambridge • Agnes Moorehead • Bret Morrison • Carlton E. Morse • David Nelson •  Frank Nelson • Harriet Nelson • Arch Oboler • Harold Peary • Ed Prentiss • Tony Randall • Lillian Randolph •  Alan Reed • Mary Lee Robb • Ken Roberts • Kate Smith • Olan Soulé • Ezra Stone • Russell Thorson • Les Tremayne • Lurene Tuttle • Rudy Vallee • Harry Von Zell • Willard Waterman • Don Wilson

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