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Henry Winkler's Fonzie - What is it about the character “Fonzie” – that living testimonial to cool - that attracts millions of viewers to the tube each Tuesday night to watch ABCs “Happy Days”?

Cindy Williams as Shirley - Still in her mid-twenties, pretty Cindy Williams has been thrust into the kind of position in the entertainment world that many in show business have to work years to attain. Her TV series, Laverne and Shirley, has consistently scored high in the ratings—usually in that very coveted #1 spot.

Nostalgic Candy - What was your favorite candy? Was it Atomic FireBalls? Candy Necklaces? Lemon Heads or Bottle Caps? These retro candy stores bring back a lot of sweet memories.

Volkswagen Beetle - Did you ever play "slug bug"?

Jack Webb - Dragnet's tough hero is not all about putting the bad guys behind bars. A look at his softer side reveals a man who likes helping others to help themselves.

Harold Lloyd - One of the silent screen's most popular comedians, a genius on par with Chaplin and Keaton.

Jack Lord - Jack Lord starred as the stolid, methodical, and downright intimidating Steve McGarrett, head of Hawaii's elite State Police Agency "Five-O".

Gale Storm - Went on to become an American icon of the 1950s, performing in more than thirty-five motion pictures and starring in two highly successful television shows.

I Remember You by Johnny Mercer

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