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German Volkswagen Beetle Ad

Remember: The Old Volkswagen Beetle

In a box under a box that was under a box, I found some of my dad's old books and pamphlets. One of the books was a Volkswagen Beetle repair guide. He owned a Beetle in the 1960s. Its unique shape etched in many of our minds -- a fun memory. For all of us I have included some of the pictures, and for the car buffs I have included some specs below.

I remember a silly game we played as kids called "slug bug" where if a Beetle was in sight the first of us kids to spot it could slug the nearest kid while simultaneously yelling "Slug Bug". Yelling "Slug Bug" was important as it immediately indicated that the slug was in the name of the Volkswagen Beetle game, assuring your immunity from any retaliation...well, most of the time.

  Volkswagen Beatles

Here I tried to snap a photograph of a Volkswagen Beetle but some people walked in front of it at the last moment and, man, I was like really annoyed! I got even, though. I ended up selling the photo to the suckers for $20. I noticed in the picture one of them was out of step with the others and offered to take another — but they laughed and said nobody would notice anyway.

Anyway, the repair guide starts with:

The Volkswagen is a precision built automobile throughout. When maintained properly, it gives excellent performance. The sedan weighs over 1600 lbs. and is quite agile with an engine less than one-third the size of the current Ford, Chevrolet or Plymouth Six. Such performance can be had only if the comparatively small engine is tuned up properly.

In order to get maximum gasoline mileage and the highest performance from a Volkswagen, care and accuracy in tune-up is essential.

Because the engine is an overhead valve type, the valves, distributor and carburetor are easily reached and there is very little difficulty in doing a precision job.

The need for a tune-up is indicated by engine missing, loss of power, or poor gasoline mileage. In most cases a Volkswagen will give at least 10,000 miles of satisfactory operation before a tune-up job is required.

However, there are some cases where it is required more frequently. The usual steps in a tune-up job are: 1. Compression, 2. Ignition, 3. Carburetion. The operations should be performed in the order listed.

Never adjust the carburetor until after compression and ignition have been corrected, as it is impossible to obtain satisfactory carburetor adjustment unless compression and ignition are satisfactory.

Here are the Volkswagen Beetle Specs (from this 1960 publication):

Type 4-cylinder, 4-stroke rear engine
Cylinder arrangement 2 pairs horizontally opposed
Valves overhead type
Bore 3.03 in. (77 mm.)
Stroke 2.52 in. (64 mm.)
Displacement 72.74 cu. in. (1192 c.c.)
Compression ratio 6.6
Maximum S.A.E.b.h.p. 36 at 3700 r.p.m.
Piston speed 1428 ft./min. (7.25 m/s) at 3400 r.p.m.
Lubrication pressure lubrication (gear type pump) with oil cooler
Oil capacity 5.3 U. S. pints (4.4 Imp. pints, 2.5 liters)
Fuel pump Diaphragm type, mechanically operated
Carburetor Downdraft carburetor with acceleration pump (Solex 28 PCI)
Air cleaner Oil bath type
Cooling system Air cooling by fan automatically controlled by thermostat
Battery 6 Volts, 66 a. h.
Starter Solenoid type, Bosch make
Generator Bosch 180 watts, with voltage control
Clutch: Single disk, dry
Transmission: 4 forward speeds, 1 reverse Controlled synchromesh on 2nd, 3rd and 4th gears
Gear ratios 1st 3.60:1
2nd 1.94:1
3rd 1.22:1
4th 0.82:1
Reverse 4.63:1
Final Drive: Power transmitted through spiral bevel gear, two-pinion bevel differential gear and swing axle shafts to rear wheels
Gear ratio 4.4:1
Oil capacity of transmission and final drive: 5.3 U.S. pints (4.4 Imp. pints, 2.5 liters) Refill quantity 4.2 U.S. pints (3.5 Imp. pints, 2 liters)
Frame Tubular center section forked at rear and welded-on platform
Front axle Independent suspension of wheels through upper and lower trailing arms; 2 transverse torsion bars protected in tubes
Rear axle Independent suspension of wheels through swing axle shafts with trailing arms, one torsion bar on each side, mounted and protected in transverse tube
Shock absorbers Front and rear: double-acting hydraulic telescopic type
Steering Special worm-type gear and divided tie rod; 2.4 turns of steering wheel from lock to lock
Turning circle approx. 36 ft.
Tires 5.60 - 15, tubeless
Wheels Disk type with drop-center rim 4 J x 15 Hydraulic foot-brake (Lockheed) operating on four wheels; mechanical hand-brake operating on rear wheels
Wheelbase 94.5 in.
Track Front 51.4 in. , Rear 50.7 in.
Fuel tank capacity 10.6 U.S. gal. (8.8 Imp. gal., 40 liters) including 1.3 U.S. gal. (1.1 Imp. gal., 5 liters) reserve
Length: 160.6 in. (4080 mm.)
Width: 60.6 in. (1540 mm.)
Height: 59.1 in. (1500 mm.)
WEIGHTS in lbs. (kg.)  
Fuel consumption according to DIN 70030*) 39 miles per Imp. gal., 32 miles per U.S gal., 7.3 1/100 km.
Max.and cruising speed 68 m.p.h. = 110 km/h
Climbing ability Sedan 1st gear 37% 2nd gear 18.5% 3rd gear 11% 4th gear 6%
  Convertible 34% 17% 10.5% 5.5%
*)Consumption plus 10% with half the payload at a steady 3/4 of top speed on level road

1932 Beetle
A 1932 Beetle
Beetle Advertisement
Beetle Advertisement

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