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Early Recordings & Wax Cylinders
Comic dialogue, catchy tunes and snappy numbers from the late 1880's up to 1912 on high-quality CDs

The very first recordings in the 1870s by Thomas Edison were done on the outside surface of a strip of tinfoil wrapped around a rotating metal cylinder. By the 1880s wax cylinders were mass marketed. In the earliest stages of phonograph manufacturing various competing incompatible types of cylinder recordings were made, but in the late 1880s a standard system was decided upon by Edison Records, Columbia Phonograph, and other companies; these were about 4 inches (10 cm) long, 2¼ inches in diameter, and played about 2 minutes of music or other sound.

Wouldn't you just love to listen to these old recordings?! Well, you can!

Enjoy great wax cylinder "hits" from the turn-of-the-previous-century – and before – available on CDs. All recordings are digitally transferred directly from the original wax cylinders! Visit TinFoil.com to purchase high-quality CDs with one hour of two-minute wax cylinder selections recorded digitally directly from the original wax cylinders for the best possible sound. Each CD comes complete with selection notes & commentary, plus a brief history of wax cylinder recording.

Cylinder Record with storage cartons Pictured at left is a cylinder record with cardboard storage cartons. Cylinders were sold in cardboard tubes, with cardboard lids at each end. These containers helped protect the recordings.

Pictured at right is a label on the outside of a Columbia Records cylinder package, (pre 1901). Very interesting how the title of the recording is hand-written onto the label.
Wax Cylinder Wrapper

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