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Basketball & Football Gear for the Budding Young Sports Star

A RetroGalaxy Sports Flashback

Chicago 1961 - Catalog - STURDY 4.PC. FOOTBALL UNIFORM made by the famous Rowlings Sporting Goods Company. An outfit that's sure to provide your junior gridder with plenty of protection for his sand lot football games.

Football pants are a colorful White with Red stripes—padded to absorb the force of blows in the game.

Durable Red jersey has a numeral in front, comfortable crew neck and long sleeves. Shock-resistant helmet with number has a double bar face guard for extra protection.

Specially designed shoulder pads for blocking are of White "Armor-Lite". The whole uniform was constructed for super-durability — high quality your youngster can play tough football in, and enjoy game after game!


Priced far lower than you'd expect . . . costs far more elsewhere! Order today! Sizes: Small {5 to 8), Medium (9 to 11), or Large (12 to 14). State size. 3J N 7421E—Ship. wt. 6 lb.........9.88.

DELUXE GOAL SET. Big 36x24-in. size! Heavy 1— drawn steel backboard; regulation matt White finish. Extension arms of strong tubular steel. Regulation hour-glass type 8-loop net. 28-in. from mounting to center of 18-in. regulation-size hoop. Weatherproof Orange enamel finish. Complete hardware included. 35 N 7198R—Ship. Exp., Chicago. Ship. wt. 19 lb.. .8.89 m SPALDING BASKETBALL. Official size and weight; 1— rubber-covered basketball with "Permalite" cover; pebbling and Black, continuous channel seams. Rugged "Ny-Weave" construction; long rugged use! 35 N 4568— Basketball only. Wt. 2 lb. 2 oz... .6.99 --- BASKETBALL AND GOAL SET. Mount hoop on — wall, garage, or post in backyard for fun, exercise! Brown rubber balls are official size, weight— the kind youngsters want for practice! Goals, nets. 35 N 1231E—9V2-INCH. Ship. wt. 7 lb. Mailable... .4.98 35 N 7112E—8%-INCH. Ship. wt. 6 lb. Mailable... .3.99

Grab this bargain now! Was 4.99. Combination Football and Basketball set in official size and weight is ideal for youngsters and grownups alike! Ruggedly constructed of pebble-grain finish rubber to take plenty of abuse! Includes needle for inflating. Order right away—save $1 Mailable. 375fE...........Set 3.89 Shipping weight. 5 pounds.

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