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Gehrig Benches Himself, Ends Streak - Speculation continues about what's wrong with the slumping Yankee's first-baseman.

Basketball & Football Gear - A Retrogalaxy flashback of gear for the Budding Young Sports Star.

We're Not Cellar-Dwellers - Phil Cavarretta says the Cubs are going to give a lot of folks a pleasant surprise once the race gets underway at Wrigley Field this year.

The 13 Rules of Basketball - Dec. 1891 -- Dr James Naismith declares the 13 rules for his brand new game called Basket Ball. Retro Galaxy has the scoop!

Remembering Football in "The good ol' days" - I still can't get over how this game was played without the type of protective gear that is worn today!

Baseball Quiz - This one isn't easy -- you really have to know your baseball.

Yogi Berra - Entertaining sports figure known for his tendency to fracture the English language.

Sports - Liberty Magazine Cover - Those Yankees

In the famous play Damn Yankees, the lead character (a Washington Senators fan) sells his soul to the Devil in order for the Senators to finally defeat the hated Yankees and win the pennant. Hatred of the New York Yankees is a feeling that has united countless baseball fans across the nation. That feeling turned to euphoria in 2004 when the Boston Redsox became the first team in baseball history to recover after falling into a 3-0 deficit and win a seven-game series; they also won the final two games in Yankee Stadium, perhaps the toughest venue for a visiting team in professional sports.

Gillette Safety Razor ca. 1949 magazine advertisement, featuring jockey Eddie Arcaro, Kentucky Derby winner. It states that Arcaro, known as Mr. Stopwatch, "has ridden in more than 12,000 races and won over 2,300. Arcaro's first employer said he was not cut out for a jockey and should quit. He rode 230 consecutive losers in his first two years. A lesson in perseverance!


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