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Star in your very own Romance Novel !

Here is a 'novel' gift for Valentines Day, a birthday, or any time of the year:

Personalized Romance Novels

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CLICK HERE for a company that writes, markets, and sells personalized romance novels in which any couple can star. There are many titles to choose from.

Each book is 140 to 190 pages, has a full-color cover, and is perfect bound. The products have been seen in People magazine, USAToday, The View, Reader's Digest, Entrepreneur, and hundreds of newspapers, radio, and TV stations. Shipping is USPS worldwide, and books go out within 5 business days.

Just fill in some details, like eye & hair color, favorite music, pet names etc, and soon you'll find yourself in a wild (or mild) romantic adventure in an exotic setting.

to receive 10% off your order: RetroTen


If you would love to give this as a gift but don't know the answers on the questionaire, do the next best thing --- Surprise them with a gift certificate and let the couple provide the details!

YourNovel.com is the brainchild of husband/wife writing team Kathy M. Newbern and J.S. Fletcher who write together as Fletcher Newbern. They not only developed the concept and founded the company in 1992, but have written many of current novels available. When not writing romance, they work as travel writers and have visited many of the exotic locations that are the settings for their personalized romance novels.


This is something you can really have fun with!! Here are some reviews:

Forget monogrammed towels and skip the bridal registry when shopping for the perfect wedding gift this year. Yournovel.com provides a page-turning alternative to the post-nuptial blender. For about $50, the intended couple can relive romance in one of eight personalized books that range from "mild" to "wild."

"I always thought the point of a romance novel was to make you forget about your own life, but a new line of personalized romances is getting attention for promising to do the opposite.... Beach House Presentations will make you the star of one of its romances, incorporating into the test not only you and your sweetie's name but hometown, occupations, pet names, hair color, perfume and so on.
- The Washington Post Washington, D.C.

"Imagine you and your honey standing on a wind-whipped beach, your eyes flashing, his muscles rippling. You think that sounds good, turn the page, it gets even better."
- The Daily Herald, Arlington Heights, IL

I just wanted to tell you that my husband and I have enjoyed "our" novel. It will bring many years of happy memories, and every time we look at it it becomes a homecoming for our hearts. Thank you again.
- Melissa, NH

Hey, you don't have to limit your imagination! Here's what one satisfied customer did:

"You can be in the Jacuzzi with Sean Connery... I was able to create my perfect man; in turn I was able to make myself the perfect woman."
- K. Marshall, Bakersfield, CA


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